Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baggy Pants

I used to wear baggy pants when I was like 10. I just felt comfortable with those kinda pants. Well, it wasn't a huge trend at that time. None of my friends wore baggy pants. So, you could tell that I didn't really follow the trend at that time. While most of my friends were wearing jumpsuit and oversized shirt, I was wearing baggy pants a lot of times. When I was a kid, I didn't really care about what other people thought about me. I just didn't really care. I just wore what I liked.
I didn't buy those baggy pants, I made it. Well, not technically made it, but a tailor made it for me.
I've been reading fashion magazine since I was like 10. It was a local magazine.
Then, one time I saw a cool baggy pants on the fashion spread. And I was totally amazed. It was like, you just saw something cool, and you really wanted to have that stuff.
I saw a really cool khaki baggy pants on that fashion spread. But I had this cool idea. I didn't really know from where the idea came. I really wanted to make a baggy jeans. So, I went to the tailor and asked him to make baggy jeans for me.
When I was 10, baggy jeans was like my first love. I really loved it. I wore it almost everywhere. Eventhough my friends stared at me with 'what-is-this-kid-wearing-it's-so-lame' look, I just didn't care.

But if you wanna know how I feel about baggy pants now... Well I can tell that.....
I'm not in love with baggy jeans anymore. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I've found something more cool than just baggy pants. hahah....
People do change. You don't have to ask why.

Khaki Baggy Pants

Baggy jeans make a comeback, people !!

Baggy Jeans on street fashion.
I love it..

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